This is an archive of the one-day public symposium held on Friday, October 9, 2009, at the UW Tower Auditorium, presented by the UW Disability Studies Program

Eugenics and Disability: History and Legacy in Washington

The symposium provided a forum for opening up dialogue about Washington’s eugenic past and its present-day implications for the lives of people in our communities. It featured local and national speakers, and ample time for audience discussion.


The 6-hour webcast was created by UWTV and is fully captioned. Click here to go directly to the webcast, or visit Windows Media Player is required to view UWTV programs on all Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Download the free player here.


Clips of the symposium presentations are also available on YouTube. These were filmed and posted by Mike McCormick of KEXP's "Mind Over Matters" radio program. For captioning, click on "transcribe audio" in the YouTube closed captions (CC) menu.

Transcript of the Symposium

Press Coverage