Here is accessibility information for the Disability Studies Program main/TA office Smith 017, and Joanne Woiak's faculty office Smith 019.

This will be updated as improvements are made.


Smith Hall is not kept scent-free.  In the Disability Studies offices, please do not wear scented products or clothes that have been recently smoked in, for the health and safety of community members with chemical sensitivity or injury.  For more info, go to  There is an air purifier in each office.  The offices do not have outside windows.  There is no carpeting.


Both offices have overhead fluorescent lighting.  We have some table and floors lamps.


Campus Mobility Route Map (pdf):

UW Campus Map (link):


The closest parking lot to Smith Hall is Lot N22, and it has wheelchair parking.  There are also 1 wheelchair parking stall and 1 disability stall located on Skagit Lane.

Access into the building

Be aware that the Smith elevator is unreliable (frequently broken) and that there is currently no directional signage in the building.  We are working with the building coordinator to remediate those access barriers as soon as possible.

Smith Hall map of accessible entrances:

There are four (somewhat) accessible entrances to the building. 

The most direct access to the DS offices is via either of the entrances on the south side of the building, facing Suzzallo Library, HUB, Grieg Garden, and Skagit Lane.  The only signs indicating that you have reached Smith Hall from that direction are on the doors, in small print.  Both of the south doors enter on the ground floor, where the offices are located.  Only one of them, the east entrance (nearer to Miller), has an automatic door with paddle control.   There is no sign marking this path as accessible.  The west entrance (close to Gowen) has two narrow doors with lever handles.  There are two accessible entrances on the north (Quad) side of the building.  The west one (closer to Suzzallo and Gowen) enters at the bottom level of the lecture room Smith 120.  The lecture hall is likely in use during school hours and the door is likely locked the rest of the time.  The east entrance (closer to Miller, on the Quad side) has an automatic door with paddle control, but it’s not marked with any sign.  It has no handrail down a somewhat steep slope.  That door enters on the first floor of the building.  The “main” entrance to Smith on the Quad side is up a flight of stairs that have no handrails.  Alternatively, you can reach the ground floor of Smith through the tunnel from the ground floor of Gowen Hall.  The southwest entrance to Gowen is flat with a wide doorway and automatic doors with paddle controls.  Note that there are only limited curb cuts from Skagit Lane onto the sidewalk in front of Smith and Gowen.

Access into the DS offices

The offices have Braille office signs. They are both wheelchair accessible and quite spacious (for UW faculty offices).


The only accessible men’s and women’s restrooms are located on the first floor.  The restroom on the ground floor is marked for men.  There is a gender-neutral restroom on the second floor, but it is not accessible.