DSP Statement on COVID Precautions during Spring Quarter 2022:

Masks are very highly recommended for all students, faculty, staff, and other members of the Disability Studies community who attend in-person class meetings, office hours, and in-person events and activities. Continuing the use of masks will help to make our learning spaces and workplaces as accessible as possible and to protect everyone, especially at this time when there are fewer COVID safety precautions on and off campus.

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Community Spotlight:

Meet our 2021 Dennis Lang Student Award recipients

Congratulations to Christine Lew, Ishira Parikh, Katherine Chamblin, and Kelly Mack!



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Disability Studies is a dynamic community! Please join us for:

  • Brown bag seminars
  • Quarterly public lectures
  • Symposium hosted by the Pacific and Western Disability Studies Consortium



Disability Studies is a supportive community!

  • Harlan Hahn Endowment Fund Grants:

Current students, faculty, and staff from all UW campuses are invited to submit a proposal. Applications must describe research, writing, or activist projects in the field of Disability Studies. The deadline is in Spring quarter. Click here for the call for proposals and more information.

  • Dennis Lang Student Awards:

Given annually to UW undergraduate or graduate students who demonstrate academic excellence in areas related to Disability Studies and commitment to issues of social justice as they relate to people with disabilities. We mourn the passing of Dennis Lang on June 23, 2018, and his family suggests donations in his honor be made to the Dennis Lang Student Award.

2021 Award Winners (bios and project descriptions)


  • Jose Alaniz 

  • Heather Feldner 


  • Ryan DeCarskey
  • Christine Lew

  • Annette Malakoff

  • Christine Lew, Megan McCloskey, Alizay Sajjad