UW Disability Endowment, Spring 2021 Application

Deadline: May 11th, 2021

The CARL JAMES DUNLAP MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT was established by the Dunlap family to honor the memory of UW student Carl Dunlap. Students with disabilities encounter unique challenges when attending and completing college, the CARL JAMES DUNLAP MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT seeks to help support UW students with disabilities in achieving their education goals at the UW. 


The CARL JAMES DUNLAP MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT recipient in 2021 will be a UW student who identifies as having a disability and who is involved with the D Center (UW Disability and D/deaf Cultural Center) and/or other disability related work at the UW. The endowment seeks a student who is currently receiving financial aid in pursuit of their education. 

In the initial year the CARL JAMES DUNLAP MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT will be awarding funds to one UW student. The award amount for Spring 2021 is TBD. 

How to apply:

All application information will be kept confidential. 

Applications can be forwarded either directly via an email or through an attached google, word, or pdf to lesellis@uw.edu 

The University of Washington is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, and activities. For any further access requests or questions? Please e-mail Lesley Ellis at lesellis@uw.edu

Google application link below:


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UW email:


Have you completed the 2021-22 FAFSA? (y/n):


Major or area(s) of academic interest: 


Planned graduation year:


Are you currently registered with UW Disability Resource for Students (DRS)? (yes/no answer) :NOTE: This is NOT a condition of receiving this award):


Do you identify as having a disability? (yes/no answer) (no diagnosis or any specifics in regard to disability is required)


Have you ever or do you plan to live in UW residence over the course of your college education at the UW if available? (yes/no answer only)  


 Carl James Dunlap Memorial Endowment Questions: 


What are your education and career goals? (Max 300 words) 


Please share your involvement with the D Center or other disability related student groups and/or community work related to disability. Why is this work important to you? (Max 300 words):


Can you share what disability community means to you? (Max 300 words)



Applicant Name: 






Permission to Release Scholarship Information 

In administering scholarships, the University of Washington’s Office of Student Financial Aid provides applicant information to scholarship donors and committees. This information may include academic records, financial need calculations, and personal information. We share information to aid in selection of recipients, monitoring student eligibility, and to inform donors about those benefiting from their gifts to the University. 


Scholarship Release

I consent to the release of pertinent information to scholarship donors, their representatives, and selection committees for the purposes of notification, selection, awarding and monitoring scholarship eligibility. I also understand that scholarship awards may be adjusted or canceled based on changes in financial need or eligibility criteria.