Winter 2021 marks the formal approval and start of our Graduate Certificate program! Please contact us if you may be interested!

The UW Disability Studies Program sees its role as providing a community for scholars from across campus at the UW to come together to engage in interdisciplinary inquiry about disability as diversity and to support one another’s research and teaching in disability as a social construction. As the next generation of Disability Studies scholars, graduate students are critical to the Disability Studies Program’s mission of building a scholarly community for Disability Studies at the UW.

To earn a certificate, students must complete a minimum of 15 hours of course credit and a culminating experience (i.e. capstone). The course sequence will include a “foundations” course, a DSP approved elective course, and two quarters of the Disability Studies Writing Seminar. The capstone will be the development of a substantive writing project (i.e. draft journal article, conference paper, major research proposal, etc.) and its presentation for critique. 

Detailed information about the Graduate Certificate requirements and the application form can be found here:

Graduate Certificate Coordinator: Stephen Meyers, PhD,