3:00 - 5:00pm (Free Admission!) Odegaard Library 220, University of Washington


"Invitation to Dance"
Join us for a *free* screening of the film "Invitation to Dance" followed by a Q & A with the director, Christian von Tippelskirch.

Monday, October 20
at 3:00pm - 5:00pm (Free Admission!)
Odegaard Undergraduate Library 220, University of Washington

Sponsored by the D Center, the Disability Studies Program, and the Comparative History of Ideas Program at UW.

The film: In 1971, Simi Linton was injured while hitchhiking to Washington to protest the war in Vietnam. Suddenly a young disabled college student, she confronted insidious forms of discrimination she couldn’t have imagined before. Over time she joined forces with a vibrant disability community, and realized that political engagement, love, and dance could once again be central to her life.
Rock n’ Roll, dancing, and sexuality liberated Simi from the shame she felt as a young disabled woman. INVITATION TO DANCE (2014) traces Simi’s first reluctant foray onto the dance floor at a party to present day when dance has become a central theme in her social life, activism, and work. Ultimately, the film is a never-before- told coming out story of disabled people staking their claim to “equality, justice, and a place on the dance floor!”

Link to trailer via Social Justice Film Festival: http://www.socialjusticefilmfestival.org/?page_id=1129

***Accessibility Info***
ASL Interpreters and CART (captioning) will likely be provided. The room is wheelchair accessible, located on the second floor of the library. Please contact Joanne if you have any questions (jwoiak@uw.edu).

We ask that you please be fragrance free. For the health and well being of community members with chemical sensitivity, please abstain from using scented cosmetics, clothing, etc. Baking soda will be provided. For more info: http://eastbaymeditation.org/accessibility/PDF/How-to-Be-Fragrance-Free-.pdf

To request another disability accommodation, contact the Disability Services Office at: 206.543.6450 (voice), 206.543.6452 (TTY), 206.685.7264 (fax), or email at dhhreq@uw.edu.

Simi Linton (Writer, Director, and Producer) is a writer, teacher, and performer. She is the author of Claiming Disability: Knowledge and Identity, the memoir My Body Politic, and numerous articles on disability. Linton was on the faculty at CUNY for 14 years, leaving in 1998 to write and develop her consultancy work.
Simi has worked with filmmakers, artists and cultural institutions (such as The Smithsonian, The Margaret Mead Film Festival and The Public Theater) to shape the presentation of disability in the arts and to increase the representation of works by disabled artists. Linton holds an undergraduate degree from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. from New York University.

Christian von Tippelskirch (Director/Producer) Christian von Tippelskirch has worked domestically and internationally with many major studios and networks, including BMG, Silver Pictures, Showtime, Sony, and Warner Bros. He studied film at Columbia with Milos Forman, Michael Hausman, and Martin Scorsese.
Three Below Zero by Swiss director Simon Aeby was Christian’s first film as producer. Following credits include Dungeons and Dragons II, Highlander -The Source, and Out of the Ashes with Christina Lathi. He produced the US shoots for Roman Polanski’s The Ghost and Carnage. Currently, Christian is producing Jasper Milliken and The Alligator Man, two independent feature films. Invitation to Dance is his first feature length documentary as director/producer. His next documentary Molly of the Mohawks is in post-production. It is about an opera and the role of the Mohawk woman Molly Brant in the American Revolution. Christian was a consultant on John Halpern’s Refuge (a film about Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama), and Assistant Producer of Satellite Sky (about the race to the moon) for PBS and The American Experience.

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