Friday, January 11, 2013 Savery Hall Room 408, 12:00-1:15pm "Ashley X Comes of Age: Alternatives to Socio-Sexual Restructuring" Stephen Rosenbaum, Visiting Senior Lecturer, UW School of Law Approximately six years ago, Ashley X’s story became front page news. Surgery had been performed on the young girl over a period of two years at Seattle's Children's Hospital: She had a hysterectomy to prevent menstruation and her nascent breast buds were removed to prevent development. She underwent an appendectomy and completed estrogen therapy to speed up the natural closure of her growth plates. In January 2007, Ashley’s parents set up a blog to explain their reasoning for their decision “and to share their story with families of other children who might benefit.” Ashley is now 16. What are some alternative stories that may be shared about autonomy, care, support and benefit? Before coming to UW, Steve Rosenbaum served for many years as staff attorney with Disability Rights California and senior litigation attorney with the Disability Rights, Education & Defense Fund. He teaches disability rights law at Stanford and social justice courses at UC Berkeley. Steve has written several articles on the subjects of disability, special education and human rights and was the father of a young man with physical and intellectual disabilities.

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