Congratulations to the following 2012 Disability Studies Program Harlan Hahn Endowed Fund award winners:
Lee Steadman, Undergrad Disability Studies
Anna Zogas, Grad Anthro
Ann Luetzow, Undergrad Disability Studies
Amy P. Patterson, Grad UWB
Joanne Woiak, Faculty Disability Studies
Sara Goering, Faculty Phil/Disability Studies
Christy Ibrahim, Faculty Law
Becky Matter, Staff UWCTDS

Lee Steadman will be working on the further development of the new "D" Center, a disability and deaf culture space and creating a a short film that would assist with outreach to the broader community and for more funding for the Center.

Anna Zogas will be using the award to support a short-term inquiry into a particular component of one of the national institutions that brings together military and civilian clinicians, active-duty and veteran patients, and clinical research, outreach and education, and treatment: the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC). This is part of Ms. Zogas' pre-dissertation research.

Ann Luetzow for her fantastic work on the "D" Center. This project will continue to provided a unique opportunity to connect some foundational principles of Disability Studies (including the social model, as well as disability identity, culture and pride) to a concrete initiative that will have the power to the transform our campus community. This bridge between theory and praxis will create space, both physical and metaphorical, for further exploration of community and culture, identity and experience.

Amy P. Patterson for a capstone research project entitled Visualizing Down syndrome in Ukraine. In many countries around the world, people with developmental disabilities are neither educated nor permitted to be part of their communities. The research will examine the ways parent-­‐to-­‐parent emotional outreach supports families in their choice against placing a child into Ukraine’s state institutional care system.

Joanne Woiak to attend two disability studies conferences and the American Historical Association conference; prepare a paper on disability in Victorian Britain; prepare a paper on public history, disability studies, and eugenics; refine for publication an article on the history of sterilization in Washington; and serve as an informal faculty adviser for the students who are planning the UW Disability and Deaf Cultural Center.

Sara Goering & Christy Ibrahim for development and trial run of a 5 credit course, Disability Studies 430/Philosophy 401, entitled “Disability Literature and Philosophy.”

Becky Matter for support in building off of the Technology & Disability in the Developing World workshops ( in 2009 and 2010, to implement a workshop in 2013 that will expand the scope to include rehabilitation, health, and human rights. The objectives of this workshop are to 1) bring together researchers, practitioners and students to share knowledge and build partnerships to advance the rights of persons with disabilities in low-resourced environments, and 2) to educate policy makers and funders about the critical role of rehabilitation and AT in the realization of human rights.

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