Congratulations to the two 2012 winners of the Dennis Lang award in Disability Studies! Undergrad: Ann Luetzow, Individualized Studies Major in Disability Studies, for her work on developing the D Center (a disability and deaf culture space) Grad: Anjali Truitt, Public Health Genetics, for her work on behalf of the Disability Studies Program.

Truitt_Anjali.jpgFor the past three years Anjali has given many hours of uncompensated support for the program. She is currently assisting with the development of a Disability Studies based selective for 1st year med students at the School of Medicine. Ms. Truitt's dissertation is centered in public health genetics on accessible genetic information and prenatal testing.

luetzow_Ann.jpgMs. Luetzow over the past year has been the ASUW Student Disability Commission Director. She has been a leading and powerful force for disability rights at the UW. In addition to the Dennis Lang award Ms. Luetzow is also a recipent of a 2012 Mary Gates Leadership Award.

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