The Dennis Lang Award is a merit-based monetary award (up to $500) for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Washington who demonstrate promise in the field of Disability Studies. To apply, students must submit an application by May 7. Applications should be submitted online at . Announcement of the award winner(s) will be made by June 1. (Questions? Contact Sara Goering –


Eligibility: Who can apply? · Enrolled UW undergraduate or graduate students (from any UW campus) with a demonstrated interest in disability studies

Criteria: What determines an outstanding applicant?

· Minimum 3.0 GPA in Disability Studies courses or equivalent demonstration of academic excellence in areas related to disability studies (including, for instance, courses taught as a graduate teaching assistant or scholarly work conducted as a graduate research assistant).

· Demonstrated evidence of commitment to issues of social justice as they relate to people with disabilities (e.g., work, volunteer or activist experiences, academic outreach)

Purpose: How may the award funds be used?

· Travel to conferences as a participant or as a presenter

· Support for academic research projects (e.g., surveys, incentives for subjects, books)

· Development or support for activist endeavors (e.g., web development, meeting support, etc.) · Assistance with accessibility issues

· Other academic/activist goals pertaining to disability studies

To apply, send the following materials:

· Personal statement that includes

a) a brief proposal for how the funds will be used; b) a statement about how the applicant exemplifies the award criteria; and c) a short description of the applicant’s disability studies related experience, research and/or career goals).

· Name and contact information for a reference.

· Resume/CV

· Academic transcript

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