Thanks for your interest in the Disability Studies Program! To get started, schedule an advising appointment with our academic advisor, Jamie Barnhorst. You are encouraged to meet with the advisor multiple times throughout the course of the program.

To request an appointment, please use the form below. If you'd prefer, you may email your availability to the advisor (e.g. Mondays from 1-3, Tuesdays from 10-12:30, Fridays from 11-4, etc.). Advising appointments will be scheduled during regular business hours—Monday through Friday from 8-5. Note that meetings are currently by appointment only.

Here’s what you need to know before you schedule an advising appointment:

  • You can meet with the advisor even if you’re a pre-major. In fact, we encourage you to set up an appointment as soon as possible!
  • Disability Studies is a minimum admission requirements major; we accept applications throughout the academic year. In order to apply for the Disability Studies major, you must have completed DIS ST/LSJ/CHID 230 with a minimum grade of a 2.0. To learn more, see here
  • You can’t officially declare the minor until you’ve been accepted into your major, but you can start taking our classes at any point. Learn more about rules and regulations.
  • There are no admissions requirements for minors at UW-Seattle. As long as your major advisor signs off on the paperwork, you can declare the minor.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should schedule an advising appointment:

  • You are interested in the program and want to learn more about it
  • You’d like to discuss your personal, academic, and/or career goals
  • You have questions about the courses or program
  • You’d like to declare the major or minor
  • You’d like to discuss topics you’re learning about in your Disability Studies courses
  • You’re confused by your DARS report
  • You would like to petition for a course to apply to the major or minor
  • You’re finished with the major and need the advisor to sign on your graduation application
  • You’d like to discuss post-graduation plans


Request an Appointment

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